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Street Legal Golf Carts has the largest selection of used golf carts for sale in the Emerald Coast. Our vast inventory changes daily as customers upgrade their golf carts.  We offer used golf carts and used street legal golf carts (LSV’s).  Current inventory includes used Star EV, Used Icon, Used Advanced EV Golf Carts, Used EZ GO RXV, Used Club Car, Used Aetric, Used Yamaha golf carts and more.  We stock electric and gas used golf carts too.

Club Car 4 Passenger Golf Cart

Learn About Our Consignment Cart Program

Our consignment cart program is perfect for customers looking to unload their current Golf Cart before buying a new one. Our team of mechanics will do a thorough inspection of your cart and create a report with any and all findings. Once the report has been completed we will update you with the results. If there are any major issues with your cart those will be included in your report along with a repair estimate.

After we have gone over your cart’s inspection report we will provide you with a suggested sales price for your cart. Of course, since we are only taking the cart on consignment, we do not own  your golf cart. If you choose to list your cart at a different price that is 100% within your rights as the cart owner. 

We take $500 off the top of whatever price the carts sell for as a commission for our sales agent and a service fee. 

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