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Prominence 30A Golf Carts

Prominence HOA Rules and Regulations for Golf Carts

Prominence, along with other luxurious Emerald Coast communities such as Sandestin, Seaside, and WaterColor, has strict regulations regarding Street  Legal Golf Cart ownership. If you plan to purchase a Golf Cart for your property in Prominence, whether for personal leisure or to generate rental income, it’s crucial to understand the rules and regulations set by the Prominence HOA.

Individuals or companies who own and operate Street Legal Golf Carts in Prominence must register them with the community. Before you consider buying a Street Legal Golf Cart for your Prominence property, take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the community’s rules and regulations for Golf Cart ownership.

How to Register Your Street Legal Golf Cart w Prominence HOA

In order to register your Street Legal Golf Cart with the Prominence HOA you must first make sure: 

  • Its 100% Street Legal 
  • Insured 
  • The owner has a Valid Drivers License 

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Did You Know?

Vacationers staying in the Prominence community are banned from renting Golf Carts from any of the dozens of Golf Cart Rental companies in Destin, Miramar Beach and 30A!

Providing a Quality & Reliable Golf Cart with your Prominence Rental Property

Makes your property more attractive and marketable

With dozens of Vacation Rentals in Prominence, it can be hard to stand. By providing a quality Street Legal Golf Cart for your guests to rent can be the perfect addition that makes your property more appealing and marketable to potential renters.

Increases your properties rental revenue

Offering a Street Legal Golf Cart with your Prominence rental property provides an extra amenity that guests wouldn’t have access to otherwise. By doing so, you add value to their vacation experience, which can translate to increased revenue for you. Providing a Street Legal Golf Cart is a smart way to make your property more attractive and marketable to potential renters.

Increases Customer stays and satisfactions

Providing additional amenities like a Street Legal Golf Cart to your Prominence rental property can increase customer satisfaction and lengthen their stay. Guests are more likely to return and recommend your property to others when they have a positive experience, making it a worthwhile investment for property owners.

The Most Important Reason To Provide a Quality and Reliable Golf Cart!

Providing a well-maintained golf cart prevents the expenses associated with refunds or third-party rentals due to poor or unmaintained golf carts, saving you money in the long run.

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Key Warranty Information To Know Before You Buy A Street Legal Golf Cart

Before You Buy a Golf Cart Inquire About The Warranty

Before purchasing a golf cart, ensure that you thoroughly read and understand the vehicle’s warranty. Many golf cart brands and manufacturers provide a parts-only warranty, which does not cover service costs. This could leave you paying $100 an hour or more for labor, in addition to transportation expenses for getting the golf cart to and from the repair shop. Neglecting this step may result in thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses.

Some Golf Cart Brands Don't Cover Labor or Towing - Warranty Information (1)
Warranty Terms of Service - Beware

Planning On Using Your Street Legal Golf Cart as a Rental...Beware

In addition to providing parts-only warranties, numerous golf cart brands do not cover vehicles used by rental companies or at vacation rental properties under their warranties. If you plan to purchase a street-legal golf cart for your vacation rental/rental company, ensure that you choose a brand that permits rental usage. All brands sold by Street Legal Golf Carts have warranties that cover that cart regardless if used for personal or rental purposes (* some exclusions may apply).

What To Do With A Street Legal Golf Cart From Prominence

Explore The Many 30A Beach Towns

While Prominence is located farther away from most of the 30A beach towns than other communities, with a Street Legal Golf Cart, you still have the ability to cruise along 30A and explore the many gorgeous and must-see beach communities such as Seaside, Seagrove, Grayton Beach, and more, that have made this area famous.

Public Beach Parking in Seagrove Beach on 30A
Sandestin Beach Club

Go To The Beach

Why take your car to the beach and deal with the sandy aftermath when you can load up all your beach gear onto a Street Legal Golf Cart and head to one of the many 30A public beach access points. 

Load Up Your Clubs & Hit The WaterSound Golf Club

Although a Street Legal Golf Cart is not permitted on the course at Watersound Golf Club, you can transport your clubs using your cart to the club. So, load up your clubs and enjoy the convenience of driving to the club before teeing off.

WaterSound Golf Club in Santa Rosa Beach

Photo Credit @: WaterSound Golf Club Facebook

Publix at Grand Boulevard in Sandestin

Get Groceries

Exploring the 30A area becomes even more enjoyable when you have a Street Legal Golf Cart at your disposal. With this convenient mode of transportation, you can even use it for grocery shopping and other necessities during your trip. Take your Street Legal Golf Cart for a 15 minute cruise to the WaterColor Crossings Publix and get all of your essentials. Unless you have massive cargo to carry or traveling to Destin or Panama City Beach, a Street Legal Golf Cart can take you anywhere you need to go on 30A.

Why Buy From Street Legal Golf Carts

Your Purchase is Protected

All Prominence Street Legal Golf Carts purchased through Street Legal Golf Carts (* some exclusions may apply) come with a full warranty that covers parts, service, and transportation. Our warranty ensures that you receive exceptional after-sales support and peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected.

We Run a Rental Company

Apart from our Golf Cart Dealership, we also run Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals, one of the most prominent golf cart rental companies in the Emerald Coast. With years of experience serving vacationers who rent golf carts for their trips, we have gained valuable insights into their needs and expectations. As a result, we know how to meet and exceed these expectations, providing exceptional service to our customers. Additionally, we assist our clients in crafting detailed and secure liability waivers that protect them from irresponsible renters.

Prominence Golf Cart FAQs

Charging an electric golf cart is quite different from charging an electric car. There is no need for a specialized charger to be installed in your home. All you require is the charging cable included with your golf cart, a standard 110-watt wall outlet, and, in most cases, an extension cord to reach the outlet.


If you own a home in Prominence, it likely has an outlet either in the garage or on the side of the house. Simply plug the charger provided with your golf cart purchase into the nearest outlet. If it can’t reach, we recommend purchasing a 14-16 gauge extension cord that is at least 25 feet long. In our rental business, all our golf carts come with the charging cable and a 50-foot extension cord.


When it’s time to charge your golf cart, ensure that you plug it into an outlet without any other devices connected, especially if you own a lithium electric golf cart. This helps prevent circuit breakers from tripping and ensures there is sufficient wattage available in the outlet to fully charge your golf cart.

According to the Prominence HOA, the only requirement for driving a street-legal golf cart is that the person must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. However, this is only a general guideline. If you purchase a street-legal golf cart in Prominence for personal use, a 16-year-old with a valid driver’s license is likely allowed to operate it within the community.

However, if you buy a street-legal golf cart with the intention of renting it out to vacationers staying at your rental property, there may be different insurance requirements that apply. For example, in our street-legal golf cart rental business, our insurance company requires that drivers be aged 21 or older to operate our vehicles.

Therefore, if you purchase a street-legal golf cart in Prominence with the intention of allowing renters to drive it, your insurance company may require drivers to be at least 18 years of age or older. In some cases, they may require drivers to be 21 or older, or even 25 or older, which is similar to car rental policies.


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