Tips for buying a street legal golf cart on the Emerald Coast of Florida
Tips for buying a street legal golf cart on the Emerald Coast of Florida

Tips for buying a street legal golf cart on the Emerald Coast of Florida

Golf carts in Florida are not the cheapest purchase you will make, especially if it is street legal. However, if you wish to acquire one, you likely have the capital. Using EZ GO as a base, we see that a 2-seater starts at $7,699 and reaches beyond $15,000 for a 4-seater luxury model.

The second decision is whether you want a gas or electric transmission. Electric street legal golf carts are better from an environmental standpoint. However, they typically offer a shorter range than gas vehicles.

Over shorter distances, electric carts are more powerful and faster. That changes as the battery drains. The less charged your batteries are, the less powerful it becomes until the battery requires a charge.

Golf carts are sold with different seating arrangements. A 2-seater is the smallest option, and then it goes up to 4, 6, and even 8. Think about your family and how many seats you need to accommodate all of them.

Street legal golf carts are built to operate on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph. However, the top speed of these vehicles ranges from 19 to 25 mph.

Contrary to the stories on the internet, electric golf carts possess a higher maximum velocity than gas carts. But electric carts tend to slow as the battery drains, while gas carts maintain their speed and power for longer. Therefore a gas cart is faster over longer distances than an electric model.

Your cart requires hazards, brake lights, and turning signals to be fully street legal. Although most street-legal cars include these features, you can always acquire kits to modify them for your preference.

Street legal golf cars need a windshield, and I recommend using the climate in your area as a guideline. If you live in a warm and dry climate, a fold-down or roll-up shield is a suitable choice.

Contrarily, a winged or one-piece shield will shelter you from the elements in high rains and winds.

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