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Advanced EV Golf Carts

2023 Advanced EV White

The golf cart industry in the United States is expanding right now, with consumers wanting to invest in low-speed electric cars for several reasons — not only to make life simpler on the golf course! In addition to the industry’s largest brands, numerous golf cart manufacturers provide a diverse choice of carts to prospective customers around the country.

Advanced EV, the firm behind the EV1, Advent, and Advanced HD golf carts, is one such manufacturer. These carts are high-quality, reasonably priced neighborhood cruisers with a plethora of alternatives.

Advanced EV was created by Golf Car Dealers with over 35 years of industry expertise. Years of experience as a dealer bring with them a host of issues.

The Advanced EV team set out to create a brand that would stand out in a market rife with worries about vehicle performance, difficulties obtaining components, and different quality golf carts. By examining the industry, they were able to combine the best golf vehicle attributes into a single brand. Advanced EV was developed by integrating novel features with tried-and-true methods. Advanced EV has moved beyond golf carts to the production of high-quality sedans, buses, and utility vehicles at factory-direct prices.

The Makings of Advanced EV Golf Carts

With a 5.5 HP AC Motor, the Advanced EV carts are particularly well-equipped (programmed to run at 25 mph). They come in a variety of hues, with conventional black, brown, or grey seating configurations ranging from 2 to 6 passengers. The Advanced EV carts come standard with:

  • AC Motor/Toyota Controller (25mph)
  • 4 Wheel Disc Brakes High/Low Beam Projector
  • LED Digital Speedometer/Odometer
  • Digital State of Charge Meter
  • Aluminum Floor Board
  • Premium Comfort Seating
  • In-Dash Glove Box
  • Dual USB Ports
  • 4 Front Dash Cup Holders
  • Pro Charging Charger
  • Maintainer 5 Year Warranty
  • Street Legal Ready
  • 48-volt Trojan or Advanced Li Lithium Battery Packs,
  • An onboard Pro Charging charger/maintainer

Other features not listed above are; a horn, state-of-charge meter, dual USB outlets, side-mounted rear-view mirrors, heavy-duty rust-resistant convertible rear seat/cargo platform with grab bar and footrest, retractable seat belts, extended roofs, windshields, and grab handles for all passengers are among the advanced EV Golf Cart accessories.


EV1, Advent, and Advanced HD Models

Today, Advanced EV has progressed well beyond the conventional standard of boring golf vehicles to become the market leader in quality golf cars at factory-direct rates. Advanced EV golf carts look excellent, are well-made, and have an established track record of dependability. With variants of three primary models – EV1, Advent, and Advanced HD – you have a lot of options when it comes to finding the best Advanced EV golf cart for your needs. We’re going to take a look at the EV1 and Advent models. 


The basic EV1 model is most suited for usage on the golf course. With the EV1, you can rediscover the classic golf cart experience. The EV1 comes in five different trims the EV1 2, EV1 4, EV1 4L, EV1 6, unrivaled, and the EV1 6L. The EV1 brings a broad range of colors, dependability, and fun to the table! This AC-powered machine has an Electromagnetic Braking system for optimal efficiency, as well as a built-in Drive Package for safety. A 48V/350A Toyota AC Controller drives the 4kW AC Motor with a Pro Charging Systems Onboard Charger to charge the built-in lead-acid or lithium-ion battery. The EV1 golf vehicle is also quite customizable, right from the color of the automobile down to the color of the seats; with seat configuration available for 2-6 passengers.

Green Advanced EV Golf Cart we sold to Port St. Joe
2023 Advanced EV Advent Seafoam Lithium Golf Cart for sale (1)


The Advent is more comparable to a luxurious personal vehicle that can be customized in a variety of ways. With the Advent seating package, you can enjoy a soundbar luxury experience with even the option to upgrade your seats. Boasting a sleek style body, a world-class suspension, and an energy-efficient AC powertrain; Its on-road finesse and higher ground clearance contribute toward an industry-leading ride quality and a smooth cruise. All Advents come standard with an LED Drive Package, independent front suspension, Electromagnetic Brakes, and an Onboard Charger/Maintainer. The Advent line comes in seven different trims from the Advent2, Advent4, Advent4L, Advent4FL, Advent6 and the Advent 6L. The Advent can also be fitted with a state-of-the-art sound system by WetSound; a great all-in-one amplified sound bar that provides high-performance audio and sound presence for your relaxation when driving your Advent vehicle.

Which Model is right for you?

All Advanced EV golf carts have a top speed of 19mph and a top speed of 25mph. This is often more than fast enough for the great majority of users, and these top speeds are industry standards to comply with US state legislation. The performance and speed of Advance EV Carts ensure that you can take it on varied terrains as well as on the road with confidence that it will surpass your expectations. Even if you only want to use your cart on the golf course or for a leisurely trip around your neighborhood, your Advanced EV will serve you well and provide plenty of torque as you move from place to place. The Advanced EV golf cart’s superb appearance and well-made chassis are well-known for being well-made, and it has already established a track record of dependability. With three variations and several sub-trims, you can be confident that there is a golf cart for everyone and every use case.


Best in class EV Golf Carts

Advanced EV golf carts look excellent, are well-made, and have an established track record of dependability. With variants of three primary models – EV1, Advent, and Advanced HD – you have a lot of options when it comes to finding the best Advanced EV golf cart for your needs. Golf carts used to come standard with DC drive systems, which are good on the golf course but left a lot to be desired elsewhere. Advance EV Carts’ performance and speed ensure that you may take it on diverse terrains and on the road, certain that it will meet your expectations. However, if you simply want to use your cart on the golf course, your Advanced EV will serve you well and offer you plenty of torque as you travel from hole to hole.  

Made For The Road

Some Advanced EV golf carts are already street legal, and they can all be improved if you want to drive them. To be street legal, a golf cart must adhere to numerous state restrictions governing the usage of low-speed electric vehicles. The good news is that Advanced EV golf carts come standard with or can be outfitted with the following features:

Folding acrylic windshield

Side Mirrors

Adjustable & foldable side mirrors


Retractable seat belts


Dual rear wheel mechanical drum brakes and manual locking park brake.


Headlights, turn signals, taillights, brake lights, horn, and reversing buzzer

Getting Yours Today

Do you want to buy the Advanced EV Golf Cart? StreetLegalGolfCarts can help you locate what you’re searching for. Not only will you discover the finest assortment of carts, but also the friendliest service in the area. We also include several other in house features, such as a 48-month warranty and new Trojan batteries to mention a few. If you have any questions, please give us a call or fill out the online contact form. One of our helpful staff members will gladly assist you!


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