3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Used Street Legal Golf Cart For Your Rental Property

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Used Street Legal Golf Cart For Your Rental Property

The appeal of a used street-legal golf cart might initially seem tempting, especially when considering the budget constraints of running a rental property. They’re fun, and practical, and can add a unique touch to your rental services. However, delving into the pros and cons of buying used versus new, some serious concerns arise. Here are three reasons why purchasing a used street-legal golf cart for your Destin or 30A rental property may not be the best idea.

1. No/Limited Warranty

Used golf carts often come with limited or no warranty, leaving you exposed to the potential costs and hassles of unexpected repairs. Unlike new carts, which usually include comprehensive warranties, used carts can harbor hidden defects that might only surface after the purchase.

Impact on Rental Customers' Vacations

Hidden defects can turn a fun vacation into a frustrating experience for your renters. Imagine a golf cart breaking down in the middle of an outing; not only does it inconvenience the guests, but it can also ruin an otherwise enjoyable day. This negative experience could leave a bad taste in their mouths, leading to dissatisfaction with their stay at your property.

Negative Impact on Reviews and Return Rates

Unhappy renters are likely to share their experiences online, and negative reviews about malfunctioning amenities can seriously hurt your property’s reputation. This, in turn, could reduce return rates and impact your property’s Return on Investment (ROI). A single poor review mentioning a breakdown can resonate more loudly than numerous positive comments, causing potential future renters to look elsewhere.

Possible Financial Pitfall and Additional Expenses

Without warranty coverage, you could end up spending more on maintenance and repairs than what you saved on the initial purchase. Moreover, if a golf cart breaks down during a renter’s use, you may find yourself obliged to cover the costs of a rental replacement. This additional expenditure, coupled with the inconvenience caused to the renters, adds to the financial and reputational risks associated with used golf carts.


By considering the broader impacts of hidden defects, it becomes evident that the lack of a warranty in a used golf cart not only poses financial risks but also threatens customer satisfaction and the long-term success of your rental property. The chain reaction from a single hidden defect can extend far beyond a simple repair bill, making the allure of used carts less appealing. Investing in a new cart with a robust warranty can safeguard both your finances and your reputation.

2. Salt Air Damages Carts Tremendously

Florida’s Emerald Coast, especially the Destin/30A area, is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. However, the very salt air that contributes to the region’s charm can be detrimental to golf carts. 

Exposure to Salt Air

Most used carts available in the Destin/30A area have been sitting outside in the salt air for at least two years. This extended exposure can lead to accelerated rust and corrosion. While such wear and tear might not render the cart completely unusable, it can cause significant reliability issues.

Unreliable for Daily Use

Guests at rental properties often have specific needs and expectations for daily transportation. A used golf cart that has been affected by the salt air of the Emerald Coast may fall short of these expectations. Breakdowns and performance issues could interrupt vacation plans, leading to dissatisfaction and negative feedback.

Fine for Neighborhood Transportation, Terrible for Rental Use

It’s worth noting that while used golf carts might be suitable for casual neighborhood transportation, they can be a poor choice for rental properties. The demands of rental customers necessitate a higher standard of reliability and performance. Vacationers spend thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars a week to come here on vacation. Providing a used golf cart that might not be reliable for daily use risks undermining their expectations and the overall impression of your rental property, potentially jeopardizing repeat business and positive reviews. It’s a consideration that can weigh heavily on the satisfaction of a high-paying clientele.

3. The Price Difference Isn't Enough to Justify Buying Used vs. New: Think Long-Term Value


In the 30A area, where most properties cost over a million dollars, the expectations for quality and luxury are naturally high. If you have invested seven figures in an exquisite rental property, it’s crucial not to undermine that investment by penny-pinching on the amenities that make your property more desirable.

The Mismatch Between Property and Amenities

Imagine renting a $3,000,000 home, only to find an $8,000 run-down golf cart parked in the driveway. This incongruity can strike a jarring note for vacationers, especially those willing to pay top dollar for their stay. A golf cart that doesn’t match the rest of the property’s allure can send a wrong message about your attention to detail and commitment to providing a top-tier experience.  

Investing Wisely in Added Value

While buying a used golf cart may save you some money upfront, the long-term benefits of investing in a new, reliable golf cart can be substantial. Not only does it align with the overall quality and reputation of your property, but it also enhances the guest experience, contributing to positive reviews and repeat bookings.

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