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Venom EV Golf Carts for Sale

Models of Venom EV Golf Carts for Sale

Venom EV Golf Carts for Sale

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G Series

Features of Venom EV D Series Golf Carts

Venom EV Golf Carts for Sale

Features of Venom EV G Series Golf Carts

Venom EV Golf Carts Warranty Highlights

Duration & Coverage

Carts: 3-year limited warranty.

Batteries: 5-year descending warranty.

  • Year 1-3: 100% coverage.
  • Year 4: 80% prorated.
  • Year 5: 60% prorated.

Electronics: 1-year limited warranty on speakers and screens.


  • Damage due to abnormal strain, neglect, abuse, or prohibited use.
  • Vehicles leased, rented, or used commercially.
  • Components subject to wear and tear (e.g., tires, brakes, lights).
  • Customizations or modifications void the warranty.

Warranty Details

  • Covers defects in material and workmanship.
  • Warranty evaluations/replacements by certified technicians.
  • Covers only factory-installed parts. Aftermarket accessories excluded.
  • Transport expenses for warranty service not covered.


Modifications that alter vehicle specifications can void the warranty.

Warranty Validity

Purchase must be from an authorized VENOM EV dealer such as Street Legal Golf Carts.

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