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Sierra LSV is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality, pre-assembled low-speed vehicles at an affordable price. Emphasizing craftsmanship and durability, they cater to families seeking fun and connection beyond the golf course. Sierra LSV redefines neighborhood transportation, prioritizing user engagement and reimagining golf cars for everyday use.
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Sierra LSV Ax4 Golf Cart

Sierra LSV Warranty Information

Basic Warranty Information

The Sierra LSV Warranty provides coverage for various components of its new vehicles. The mainframe, including the frame, sub-frame, steering system, and suspension, is covered for up to 4 years for aluminum frames and 3 years for E-coated steel frames. The electric powertrain, including the lithium-PO4 battery, electric motor, transaxle, and speed controller, has a 6-year warranty, conditional on proper maintenance and charging. Other components like the LCD screen, lighting, battery charger, pedal group, seats, and canopy system are covered for 3 years. Wear items like tires and brake pads are not covered unless due to a manufacturer’s defect. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, negligence, and unauthorized modifications.

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Is The Warranty Transferable?

The Sierra warranty is specifically granted to the “Original Purchaser,” as defined in the warranty document. This implies that the warranty is not transferable and applies only to the initial buyer of the vehicle or component. The warranty remains valid under the condition that the original retail purchaser completes and returns the warranty registration form to Sierra LSV. If this form is not completed and returned at the time of the original retail sale, the purchaser must provide proof of the date of purchase for any warranty claim​​.

What Doesn't The Warranty Cover?

The Sierra warranty does not cover certain aspects, including:

  • Wear items such as tires and brake pads, unless due to a manufacturer’s defect.
  • Any damage resulting from misuse, negligence, acts of God, collisions, or improperly installed accessories.
  • Issues arising from unauthorized speed increases above 25 mph.
  • Damage incurred during transport​.
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