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About ActivEV Golf Carts

ActivEV, powered by Bintelli’s expertise, offers top-quality, innovative electric golf carts. Distinct yet rooted in a trusted brand, it stands out in the market, promising dealers and customers a unique, thrilling experience with its cutting-edge design and performance, shaping the future of electric Golf Carts.

ActivEV Golf Carts For Sale

2024 ActivEV Pulse 4L White Lithium 4 Passenger Lifted Golf Cart
1 miles
Lithium (Electric)
2024 ActivEV Pulse Blue 6 Passenger Lifted Golf Cart
1 miles
Lithium (Electric)
2024 ActivEV Pulse 6 Passenger Lifted Golf Cart
1 miles
Lithium (Electric)
2024 ActivEV Pulse White 6 Passenger Lifted Golf Cart
1 miles
Lithium (Electric)

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ActivEV Golf Carts for Sale (12)

Pulse 4PR

ActivEV Pulse 4PR Lifted Golf Cart (8)

Pulse 4PR Lifted

ActivEV Pulse 4 Passenger Golf Carts

2024 ActivEV Pulse 4PR Non-Lifted Golf Cart

Features of ActivEV Pulse 4PR Golf Carts

Features of ActivEV Pulse
4PR Lifted Golf Carts

ActivEV Pulse 6 Passenger Golf Carts

Features of ActivEV Pulse 6PR Golf Carts

Features of ActivEV Pulse
6PR Lifted Golf Carts

ActivEV Warranty Information

The ActivEV Warranty is a 4-year limited parts-only, with optional labor warranties available for an additional charge. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship that occur within the warranty period, starting from the date of delivery. Specific components such as Lester Brand Chargers, Controllers, Trojan Batteries, and Eco Brand Batteries have varying warranty periods and are covered by the manufacturer. The warranty from ActivEV covers the frame, structure welds for two years, and all remaining parts for two years, excluding labor for repair. It does not cover transportation costs, lost revenues, damages from improper use, unauthorized repairs, lack of maintenance, buyer or dealer-installed equipment, worn items, components covered by manufacturer’s warranty, rental or replacement vehicle charges, labor for warranty parts, rust and paint issues, and motor damage in rental or taxi applications. Warranties are non-transferable, and any disputes are to be settled in Charleston, SC.

ActivEV FAQs

As of March 2024, the ActivEV Pulse comes in 6 different metallic colors. 

  • Metallic Hydro Blue
  • Metallic Anvil Blue
  • Metallic Sky Blue
  • Metallic Orange
  • Metallic Charcoal 
  • Metallic White

The ActivEV has a 4 year limited parts-only warranty. Customers can purchase a labor and parts warranties for an additional charge at the time of purchase. 

The ActivEV parts only warranty does not cover: 

  1. Any costs or charges involved in transporting a vehicle or part to or from the repair facility. 
  2. Any lost revenues to customer due to the defective part(s). 
  3. Damages to any items caused by improper use, unauthorized repairs or modifications, attempts to operate any equipment beyond its rated capacities, or damage caused by lack of proper and reasonable maintenance. 
  4. Any equipment furnished or installed by the buyer or Dealer 
  5. Wear Items ‐ tires, bulbs, fuses, bearings, brake pads, motor brushes, wiper blades, brake shoes. 
  6. Any defects for components(such as radio equipment, charger, controller, batteries, etc.) which are covered by the individual component manufacturer’s warranty). 
  7. Any rental or replacement vehicle charges or costs associated with the need for warranty repair at our authorized facility. 
  8. Any labor required to replace any warranty parts 
  9. Rust and Paint related issues
  10. The motor if the vehicle is used in a rental or taxi style application

The ActivEV warranty covers vehicles used for rental purposes however, THE MOTOR IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY if your Golf Cart was used as a rental vehicle. 

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